Short fiction competitions, 24/7

The premise here is simple - short fiction contests, running all day, every day. A new competition starts every half hour - and most run for just a few minutes. Choose a competition - the "Next Competition" link in the menubar above will take you to the one starting next, or see the "Competitions in Progress" section on the home page. Send the link to a friend (or three) and compete!

When the competition begins, just start typing. There's no formatting to distract you. Your entry is saved every few seconds.

When the time is up, each entry is judged by other members of the community, and a winner determined by majority vote.


To keep things as fair as possible, voting for competition entries works like this:

Each "A" vs "B" comparison is repeated several times (currently 3) to allow for a reasonable number of independent comparisons by other users to take place.

In a nutshell, your entry is compared to every other entry 3 times, and once all votes are cast a final tally is shown.


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We do not sell or otherwise release your information to third parties.

While all content you submit to the site for competitions is public, it remains your work and we do not claim ownership to it.

Leave us feedback if you have any questions or ideas for improvement.